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Molten Iron Tapping PPE

Updated: May 16, 2022

An iron bar or electrical drill is used to dig out the plug used to stop molten metal from coming out. Here the temperatures can go upto 1650-1850°C and there is high molten metal splash as shown in the video below.

For such applications, Aluminized Para-Aramid (Kevlar) PPE should be used to protect the user from extreme radiant heat, fire & molten metal splash.

The options to use are Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit or Aluminized Long Coat with Leg guard, Gloves and Hood.

The outer layer of these PPE is an Aluminized Para-Aramid fabric certified to EN ISO 11612 which not only provides relief from extreme heat & molten metal splatter but also provides cut resistance and longer usage life. The inner layer is FR Cotton giving flexibility and comfort to the wearer.

These PPE can be customized as per customer requirements with variants including customized sizing, customized coat or jacket closing mechanism such as hook or buttons or zipper, PPE style with a bottom wide umbrella opening or sides slit to allow freedom in movement. Furthermore an additional layer of thermal insulation wool or a nomex liner can also be given for added thermal insulation.


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