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Fire Entry Suit

Fire entry suit is a specialized fire suit made by RNG Performance Materials, a fire entry suit manufacturer in India. This suit is specially made to protect the wearer from flashover and flame engulfment.


This fire entry suit is designed for a perfect fit providing the wearer with the required freedom while moving along with outstanding flame protection, radiant heat reflectivity & wet flex resistance. Being a renowned fire entry suit manufacturer, RNG uses only the most superior and advanced aluminized fiberglass or aluminized kevlar fire certified fabrics to create these suits.


This fire entry suit is made with Aluminized Fiberglass and multiple layers of insulation ranging from 3 layers to upto 8 additional layers. Therefore the fire entry suits ranges from being light weight to heavy weight depending upon the time the fireman has to spend inside flame engulfment for rescue operations.


As a fire entry suit manufacturer in India, RNG Performance Materials has extensively tested the suits to check that they provide protection in extremely high-temperature environments.


The suit provides the wearer with insulation for up to 2 to 2.5 minutes during a fire. This is extremely handy in emergency situations in kiln rooms, refineries, power sectors, chemical plants, oil and gas sector and more such industries. The suit does not contain asbestos or ceramic.​

Here are the Fire Entry Suit specifications:

  • Radiant heat protection upto 1650° C

  • NXP 3000 Fire Entry suit is a 8 layered suit certified to EN ISO 11612, NFPA 701, UL 214 and has also passed live Fire test. 

  • X-30 Fire Suit is EN ISO 11612 certified as well as EN1486 certified.

  • Fire Entry suits are made in USA using the best possible Aluminized fabrics along with several insulation layers such as Aluminized Silica, Fiberwool, Meta Aramid, Moisture barrier and Neoprene Coated fabrics

  • These suits are designed for quick donning and ease of fitting and are provided along with Breathing Apparatus pouch

  • Full set consist of Hood, Jacket, Pant, Shoes, Gloves

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