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Heat Resistant Gloves

We at RNG Performance Materials, India, understand the high-risk environment that industrial workers stay in. Hence, we create the very best wear for such environments, which protects and performs. These heat resistant gloves are one of many protective clothing that we manufacture. These are industrial heat resistant gloves that provide exceptional protection and resistance from intense heat and flames. They allow the wearer flexibility and comfort and do not interfere with their working process. As extreme high temperature gloves they not only protect against heat and fire, but also offer the utmost resistance against tear and abrasion for a long period of time for those reinforced with Kevlar fabric.


When looking for heat resistant gloves, specification is crucial. There are multiple choices, but aluminized gloves are the best pick for maximum protection against radiant heat. Some may even term them as fire gloves as they protect against fire up to a certain time. Hence, as trusted manufacturers, RNG Performance Materials, India creates heat resistant gloves with the materials that offer the best possible protection.


To withstand extreme high temperature, gloves that we make contain Aluminized Fiberglass or Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass or Kevlar fabrics. Our heat resistant gloves can be used in steel and metal industries, oil plants, gas plants and chemical plants, foundries and furnaces and many more places. The aluminized fiberglass helps reflect up to 95% of radiant energy and also protects from sparks, molten metal splash and slag.

     Here’s the heat resistant gloves specification list:

  • Contain Aluminized Fiberglass or Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass or Kevlar high temperature fabrics

  • Provide resistance against a direct temperature limit of 1000° C

  • Protects from radiant heat of up to 1650°C

  • Have insulation value of the highest level

  • The inside liner contains wool

  • For additional cut protection, Kevlar layer can be added

  • Certified to ISO 11612 & NFPA 701 standards

  • It does not contain asbestos or ceramic.​

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