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Aluminized Apron with Sleeves

The aluminized apron with sleeves manufactured by RNG Performance Materials, India offers full front body protection from fire and radiant heat. This fireproof apron also protects from molten metal splashes in foundries, near furnaces and in metal & steel industries. This fire resistant apron protects up to radiant temperatures of 1650°C due to the heat resistant properties of the outer layer of Aluminized fiberglass or the Aluminized Kevlar fabrics. Hence this heat protective apron would serve exceptionally well in places like casting houses, steel plants, foundries, power plants and other such places.

Our aluminized apron is made such that they protect an individual from the torso to the legs providing the added heat & flame protection. Apart from protecting against radiant heat, the aluminized apron provides the wearer with comfort and ease of movement. This way, the fireproof apron does not interfere with a person’s ability to work and becomes more like a part of the clothing. The heat resistant apron reflects up to 90% of the radiant heat and the splashes of molten metal slip down due to the smooth surface thereby saving the wearer from the chances of burns.

The Aluminized heat resistant aprons manufactured by RNG Performance Materials, India has the following specifications:

  • The aluminized apron provides protection of up to 1650°C from radiant heat

  • The fire resistant apron has an ISO11612 and IS11871 certified Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar outer layer

  • The fireproof apron has a Fire Retardant Cotton inner layer

  • The heat resistant aprons is available in sizes of 36”, 42” & 48” long

  • The aluminized apron is available with velcro or fabric loops

  • The Aluminized apron with sleeves can be modified to have pockets or wool liner if required.

  • The fireproof apron is lightweight providing comfort & ease of working

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