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Molten Metal Splash Protection

Iron & Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass & Aluminum metals are melted at their respective melting points & thereafter the liquid metal takes the shape of the container they are poured into. During the molten metal melting & molten metal liquid transfer there is a danger of hot metal splash and hence the use of Molten Metal Splash PPE is essential. The recommended PPE would be Aluminized Aprons, Apron with Sleeves, Long Coat, Gloves, Leg guard or Aluminized Fire Proximity Suits.

For Aluminum & its alloys & bronze/brass the melting temperatures are in the range of 700-1000°C. The outer layer of Aluminized PPE not only reflects this radiant heat but also in case of molten metal splash protects the wearer from direct heat contact thereby protecting from 1st & 2nd degree burns. The Aluminized surface due to its smoothness allows the molten metal to drop to the floor. For Aluminum molten metal splash protection we would recommend a 3 layered Aluminized Fibreglass PPE & For Bronze/Brass we would recommend a 4 layered Aluminized Fibreglass PPE. The video below is the Molten metal splash done on our Aluminized PPE layup for Aluminum molten metal as per EN ISO 11612 and it passed with the highest rating of D3.

For Copper & Cast Iron molten metal splash protection since the melting temperatures are in the range of 1000-1200°C, for longer life & better protection we would recommend 3 layered Aluminized Para-Aramid (Kevlar) Fire Proximity Suits. A fire proximity suit consists of Hood with Helmet & Visor, Jacket, Pant, Gloves & Shoes giving top to bottom protection. Our suit layups have been certified to E3 levels of Molten Iron splash as per EN ISO 11612 as shown in the video below.

For Steel, Stainless Steel & Iron melting operations which have temperatures ranging between 1300-1650°C, we would recommend a 4 layered Aluminized Kevlar Fire Proximity Suits giving even more thermal insulation, radiant heat and molten metal splash protection. We would recommend using a EN 166/EN 171 certified Gold Visor in the Aluminized Hood for these operations along with a shoe cover as shown in the photo below.

Molten Iron & Steel Splash Protection PPE
4 layered Extreme Fire Proximity Suit

For close to molten metal furnace operations, Fire Proximity Suit should be used giving top to bottom fire protection, radiant heat protection & molten metal splash protection.

For molten metal furnace operations where only inspection from a distance is involved, Aluminized PPE such as Aprons, Aprons with Sleeves or Long coat along with Gloves can be used.

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