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High Temperature Fabrics

RNG Performance Materials, India are heat resistant fabric suppliers that offer a range of Industrial High Temperature Fabrics. High temperature heat resistant fabrics manufactured by us are as per the technical and commercial requirements of the customer. The temperature resistance of our fabrics range from 250°C to 1600°C, depending upon the type of use the heat resistance cloth is subjected to. If you are looking for a heat resistant fabric solutions in India, you should get in touch with the technical textile team at RNG Performance Materials as we work closely with our customers ensuring we provide the optimum high temperature fabrics for the desired application.


A heat resistant cloth manufactured by us can be used in composites, fire blankets, welding blankets, pipe wrapping, fittings and flange covers, door seals, containment, expansion joints, bellows and safety clothing.


Our inventory of industrial high temperature fabrics are listed below:

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Fiberglass Fabric Cloth in India

Woven E-Glass Fiberglass Fabrics ranging from 48 gsm to 800 gsm are heat resistant cloth giving upto 550°C temperature resistance finding use as composites, fire & welding blankets, gasketing, expansion joints, coatings and bellows. 

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric Cloth in India

Single or Double Sided Silicone Coated Fiberglass fabric are certified to IS & ISO EN fire standards and hence these industrial high temperature fabrics provide excellent fire and welding splash protection and continuous temperature resistance upto 250°C and intermittent exposures upto 550°C.

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Aluminized Fiberglass Fabric Cloth in India

Aluminized Fiberglass Fabrics offers radiant heat protection upto 1650°C and are ISO 11612 certified. These high temperature heat resistant fabrics are widely used to make fire proximity suits and expansion joints or bellows.

Also available in Aluminized Kevlar & Aluminized Silica fabric variants

RNG Performance Materials manufactures High Silica Fabric Cloth in India

High Silica Fabrics provide continuous temperature resistance in the range of 1000°C to 1100°C making these extreme heat resistant fabrics ideal choices for thermal insulation and welding blanket applications

RNG Performance Materials manufactures High Temperature Fiberglass Thermal Insulation in India

Customized High Temperature Insulation Thermal Assemblies stitched to required shape & size using a combination of fiberglass fabric, silicone coated fiberglass or high silica fabric giving temperature resistance between 550°C to 1100°C widely used in chemical, power and oil & gas sectors

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