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Aluminized Hood, Arm Guard & Leg Guard

RNG Performance Materials, India, manufactures top-of-the-line Aluminized Hood, Aluminized Arm Guard and Aluminized Fabric Leg Guards. They offer protection from fire and radiant heat, shielding the wearer from top to bottom.


The aluminized hood is dome shaped and has a drape that is full-length. It also has a rounded bib which allows an improved range of motion. To provide better protection to the eyes against unpredicted molten metal splashes and bright flames, a polycarbonate lens is layered with a gold film. The Aluminized arm guard and Aluminized Leg Guard both provide the top-most protection. When it comes to resisting molten slag and flying sparks, both do an excellent job.


These products by RNG Performance Materials, India, are ideal for extreme-level temperatures and provide increased protection. Hence they are ideal against radiant heat, sparks & molten metal splash hazards. They are widely used in places like foundries, casting houses, steel plants, power plants and where boiler maintenance work takes place.


The features are as given below:

  • They provide protection against radiant heat of up to 1650 °C

  • Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar outer layer  

  • ISO11612 & IS 11871 certified

  • 2 layered suit consists of an inner liner of Fire Retardant Cotton

  • Aluminized Hood is provided with a helmet and certified gold lens

  • Aluminized Arm Guard to be used along with Aluminized Gloves for an ideal arm and hand protection 

  • Aluminized Leg guard protects the ankle and should be combined with shoes and a long Aluminized apron

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