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Fire Blankets

Fire blanket by RNG Performance Materials, India, helps extinguish small fires at home as well as industrial environments. You can use industrial fire blankets in the following ways:

  • You can cover the fire with it, which cuts the oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire.

  • You can even wrap it around the part of a person’s body that catches fire.


Fire blankets by RNG Performance Materials, India, are made with the Fiberglass Fabrics. This makes the fire blanket highly effective for putting out fires quickly. This is highly useful to reduce the chances of, high-level burns and the spreading of the fire. It also has the ability to withstand high temperatures or up to 600°C and can be used to escape indoor fires. Hence, it can be used as a fire safety blanket.


Every fire blanket is as per international specification and have been tested and are certified for fire performance.

For complete information on fire safety blanket made by us, check out the fire blanket specification below:

  • Can withstand an upper temperature of up to 600°C

  • Provides constant protection for up to 550°C

  • High LOI giving excellent fire extinguishing action

  • The fire blanket is easy to use

  • IS 11871 and EN 1869 Fire Certified

  • This blanket is available in two sizes  - 2m by 1m and 2m by 2m

  • Other customised sizes also available on request

  • Does not contain asbestos or ceramic

Usage of Fire Blanket:

First, remove the fire safety blanket from the pouch. Then, lay it on top of the area on fire. This cuts of the oxygen and extinguishes the fire.


Storage of Fire Blanket:

It is advisable to store the fire blanket in or adjacent to a kitchen. Please avoid storing it too close to a potential hazard area, like on top of a stove.

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