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Welding Blankets

RNG Performance Materials, India is a specialist welding blanket manufacturer. The welding blanket we make is used in welding safety to protect industry workers and equipment from welding sparks, heat and molten metal.

At RNG Performance Materials, India, the welding blankets are manufactured from fabrics that are heat and flame resistant. Our welding safety equipment offers high-level protection from dangers like drops of molten metal, welding sparks and slag. Hence, these blankets can be used in the automobile, shipbuilding, construction, engineering, and many such industries where welding safety is required.

Our welding safety blankets are available with different characteristics and in different sizes.

The welding blanket specification is as provided below:

  • The welding fire blanket material used can withstand an upper limit of 1650°C and provides a continuous protection of up to 1260°C

  • The blankets are manufactured as per your requirements. The edges are stitched with brass eyelets and high-temperature Kevlar or Fiberglass sewing threads

  • Does not contain asbestos

Welding Blanket Selection can be done as below:

Light Duty Welding Blankets: Suited for light welding splatter these welding blankets are made with 0.5 mm Fiberglass or Silicone Coated Fiberglass fabrics certified to EN 1869, IS11871, ISO 6940 and ISO 6941 giving temperature resistance upto 550°C.


Medium Duty Welding Blankets:  Suited for Welding splatter and molten metal spark protection in closer proximity and greater intensity then the above these blankets are therefore made with 1.00 mm Fiberglass or Silicone Coated Fiberglass certified to various fire tests.

Heavy Duty Welding Blankets: These are suited for temperature resistance upto 1000°C  where extreme welding spark and molten metal splash protection is needed and therefore they are made with Vermiculite Coated High Silica fabrics in either 0.7 mm or 1.4 mm thickness certified to IS11871, ISO 6940, ISO 6941, JIS A1323 Welding tests, NES807 Welding tests ISO 9185 Molten metal tests at 1300°C. For extreme heavy duty welding protection upto 1260°C, Ceramic Fire blankets of 3.2 mm thickness should be used.

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