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Extreme High Temperature Resistant Fabrics

High Silica Fabrics are used for upto 1000°C continuous temperature resistance and upto 1600°C for short term exposures thereby finding use as welding blankets, molten metal splash protection and thermal insulation assemblies. High Silica Fabrics have been used in various industry such as automobile manufacturing such as EV vehicle assembly plants, glass manufacturing factories, oil & gas plants for protection during welding operations, and installation of new plant & machinery. The video and photos below are some examples of our High Silica fabrics being used at various client locations for different applications

The above video shows our High Silica fabric exposed to high temperature molten glass and is able to withstand the same as shown in images below.

Another application of our High Silica fabrics is as a welding blanket to protect against fires caused by molten metal sparks as shown in the video below.

The Silica fabric holds the molten metal sparks thereby preventing it from falling on other equipment and plant protecting it from fire damage as shown in the image below.

High Silica Fabric after Welding

At RNG Performance Materials, India, we use the best quality High Silica fabric with Vermiculite Coating of thickness 0.7 mm & 1.4 mm offering heavy duty protection from dangers like drops of molten metal, welding sparks and slag. Hence, these blankets can be used in the automobile, shipbuilding, construction, engineering, and many such industries where welding safety is required. Our Silica fabric fire blankets are available in different sizes customized to requirements. They are Certified to BS EN 45545, IS 11871, ISO 6940 & ISO 6941 fire tests. FM 4950 Welding Test Certified. These blankets contain no asbestos.


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