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Fire Blankets For Automotive Welding Spark Protection

Automobile Industry is constantly evolving and with the progress of EV technology a lot of automotive manufacturers are setting up new plants and new assembly lines. Further with Electric Vehicles, during vehicle production it has become essential to use fire blankets to protect wires and electric parts from the dangers of welding splatter. Hence the use of Fire blankets for Welding Spark protection has become crucial for the Automobile Industry.

The setting up of new plants or new assembly lines in existing plant requires huge amounts of welding work which results in molten metal splatter at a very high temperature in excess of 750-800°C. These molten sparks can cause fire as the case with the Serum Institute fire accident in the year 2021. To protect existing equipment and plant we recommend using welding blankets made with FM Approved Vermiculite Coated High Silica Fabric of 0.7 mm thickness. These fire blankets collect the welding sparks due to their fire resistance and high temperature resistance upto 1100-1600°C. Generally these fire blankets are installed and erected over expensive or flammable equipment/chemicals or as a partition to isolate the working section of the plant from the welding work happening within the plant. These welding blankets must be installed prior to any welding work and checked periodically for any damage after repeated use.

During car and bus manufacturing especially electric vehicles the electric wires and electric installations within the car needs protection from the welding work required during vehicle body manufacturing. In this case as the welding sparks are being generated from a very close distance it is recommended to use a higher thickness fire blanket. We recommend using the FM Approved Vermiculite Coated High Silica 1.2-1.4 mm thickness. This fabric is BS EN 45545 certified (Hence suitable for any welding work in Railways), IS 11871 & ISO 6940 certified.

Our fire blankets for welding are customized according to requirement in desired shape & size and stitched with high temperature sewing thread.

For any queries regarding welding blankets and fire blankets get in touch with us at Sales@RNG.Asia.


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