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Thermal Insulation Assemblies

RNG Performance Materials, India, is a renowned name in Thermal Insulation materials. The company provides a gamut of industrial insulation assemblies made from our high temperature fabrics. Our products are evolving as and when there are advancements and innovations in the sector.


We have years of industrial expertise in thermal insulation assemblies and have been providing for various sectors who need thermal insulation in India. Thermal insulation assemblies are high-temperature fabrics that are stitched together to form layers.


They are used for thermal insulation in India for the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Chemical Plants

  • Power Plants

  • Boilers

  • Foundries and sectors where energy conservation is needed


Our thermal insulation products meet and exceed customer expectations as we manufacture keeping customer needs as one of our highest priorities.


Level of insulation & thermal safety are the priorities when manufacturing thermal insulation assemblies. Thermal insulation products are not just for boosting performance. Proper insulation with high quality materials can avoid the risks of burns and fire. This reduces workplace hazards and directly increases productivity. Also, the right insulation material helps reduce energy consumption.


Since high quality materials make a huge difference, we use fiberglass for producing thermal insulation assemblies. Fiberglass is an incredible material for insulation and has been used in the industry for years. Apart from being cost-effective, versatile, and inherently customizable the material offers greater tolerance against high temperatures and it is flame-resistant. This makes it perfect for thermal insulation.


Below are the features of our thermal insulation products:

  • Fabrics are high temperature resistant

  • Provide continuous protections of up to 1100 °C

  • Fabrics used are, Fiberglass, Silicone Coated Fiberglass or High Silica fabrics

  • Fabrics are inserted with Ceramic or Fiberglass insulation of the required thickness

  • The thermal insulation assemblies do not contain asbestos

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