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Why is FM Approval important for Fire Blankets?

FM (Factory Manual) is one of the premier testing institute with the highest possible quality control measures for ensuring safety measures and loss prevention in factories. A FM approved factory must use all FM approved safety equipment in order to meet the necessary standards.

FM Approved Plants ensures up to the mark safety standards. Any product which comes with FM approval has undergone rigorous testing and guarantees highest possible performance.

Two of our products namely the o.7 mm and 1.2 mm thickness Vermiculite Coated High Silica fabric are FM certified as per the certificate attached below. The Vermiculite Coated High Silica fabrics give continuous temperature resistance upto 1000°C and short term exposures upto 1600°C. These fabrics are further certified to BS EN 45545, a fire standard necessary for use in railway operations and maintenance work ensuring highest level of fire safety. These fabrics are also fire certified to IS 11871 and ISO 6940 ensuring no fire ignition or flame propagation or flame damage.

Due to its high temperature resistance and fire resistance, the High Silica fabrics are used as FM approved Fire Blankets, FM approved Welding blankets and as fire blankets for welding giving protection against welding sparks and molten metal splatter.

Due to their low thermal conductivity it also makes these fabrics a great choice for thermal insulation assemblies.

With our FM approved High Silica fabrics, every customer is guaranteed the best and highest possible performance levels.

RNG Performance Materials makes custom sized FM Approved Fire blankets stitched with UL approved high temperature sewing thread making it the preferred choice as a fire blanket for welding and thermal insulation purpose for various industries.

For further information get in touch with us at Sales@RNG.Asia


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