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Why do you need a Fire Blanket for Welding?

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Welding work is an integral part of every industry as it involves either joining two metal components together or breaking a metal component into parts. In both cases a high temperature flame is applied to a metal resulting in it melting and emitting sparks. These sparks are of extreme high temperature and can result in fire or damage to equipment unless some high temperature protective cloth is used to collect these welding sparks. Such a high temperature fire safety blanket is called a fire blanket.

Fire blankets are used for welding as they have a high temperature resistance and are fire proof.

Fire blankets for welding are made with the following fabrics

1. Fiberglass Fabric of 0.8 mm thickness used for light to medium duty welding where the distance between the sparks and the fire blanket is greater than 1.5 metre

2. Heavy duty Vermiculite Coated Ceramic fabric of 3.2 mm thickness having a temperature resistance upto 1260 degree celcius and is used for capturing welding sparks from close proximity.

3. High Temperature Vermiculite Coated High Silica fabric 0f 1.4 mm thickness used as welding wraps for continuous temperature resistance upto 1000 degrees and short time upto 1600 degree celcius.

The fire blankets for welding are certified to IS 11871, ISO 6940, BS EN 45545, JIS A1323, EN ISO 9185 to Molten metal splash.

These fire blankets can be made in various sizes however the most common sizes are 2 m by 1 m, 2 m by 2 m, 3 m by 3m, 4 m by 2 m.


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