Manufacturer of Fire PPE & Molten Metal PPE

RNG Performance Materials, India specializes in the manufacturing of Fire PPE and Molten Metal PPE. Our fire safety clothing is aluminized to protect from potential radiant heat, molten metal, and welding spark hazards. Our clothing range consists of fire proximity and fire entry suits, aluminized aprons, hoods, arm and leg guards and aluminized gloves to withstand high temperatures and fire hazards.


The Fire PPE and Molten Metal PPE provides protection against molten metal splash and spatter and also reflects a large percentage of radiant heat, keeping the wearer safe. Without such aluminized garments, industrial workers are exposed to the threat of severe burns and ignition injury. Our fire safety clothing also helps in reducing stress and fatigue caused by heat and in turn helps increase productivity.


At RNG Performance Materials, we manufacture PPE keeping in mind both, safety and comfort.

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit in India using Aluminized Fiberglass

Aluminized Fire Proximity suit is made with outer layer of Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar Fabric and is widely used for Fire Proximity  Rescue or near Molten Metal in Foundries, Power Plants,Steel Plants, Furnaces, Casting Houses and Glass Industries.

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Aluminized Apron in India using Aluminized Fiberglass.

These aprons protect from sparks and molten-metal splash, and reflect up to 95% of radiant heat. The Aluminized aprons are made such that they do not interfere with mobility and provide protection with comfort. This Molten Metal PPE is made from ISO 11612 certified Aluminized Fiberglass and is available with or without sleeves.

RNG Performance Materials manufactures Aluminized Hood, Arm Guard & Leg Guard in India using Aluminized Fiberglass

They are essential for protecting arms, ankles and the head against dangers like a radiant flame or molten metal splash. They are made with Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar with FR cotton on the inside. The aluminised hood is a helmet with Polycarbonate Lens with Gold film.

RNG Performance Materials supplies Z-Flex based NFPA Approved EN 1486 certified Aluminized Fire Entry Suits in India.

Manufactured for superior fit, absolute comfort and freedom of movement, our fire entry suit also delivers a significant amount of fire protection. These fire entry suits are EN 1486, ISO 11612 and NFPA certified.

RNG Performance Materials anufactres high temperature gloves capable of 1000 degre celcius temperature resistance using fiberglass and aluminized fiberglass fabrics

These are of the most important Fire PPE and Molten Metal PPE. Since gloves are used to hold high temperature objects directly at times, they need to deliver the highest level of protection. Hence, our gloves are made with Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass or Aluminized Fiberglass. They provide direct heat resistance of up to 1000°C.