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Ceramic Fire Blankets

RNG Performance Materials, India is a manufacturer of customised ceramic welding blankets . The vermiculite coated ceramic blanket with SS wire is used in welding safety to protect industry workers and equipment from welding sparks, heat and molten metal.

At RNG Performance Materials, India, we use the best quality Ceramic fabric with Vermiculite Coating of thickness 3.2 mm offering heavy duty protection from dangers like drops of molten metal, welding sparks and slag. Hence, these blankets can be used in the automobile, shipbuilding, construction, engineering, and many such industries where welding safety is required.

Our Ceramic fire blankets are available in different sizes.


The welding blanket specification is as provided below:

  • The welding fire blanket material used can withstand an upper limit of 1260°C and has a melting point of 1650°C

  • The blankets are manufactured as per your requirements. The edges are stitched with fiberglass tape along with high temperature kevlar thread and brass eyelets are provided at regular intervals from each other.

  • Does not contain asbestos.

  • The ceramic fire blanket is certified to IS 11871 fire tests.

  • The ceramic fabric with vermiculite coating reinforced with SS wire weighs 1500-1600 gsm and has a thickness of 3.2 mm.

  • Ceramic fabric has a thermal conductivity of less than 0.18 W/m°K at 800°C

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