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How to Choose a Welding Blanket?

From our years of experience with industry applications the best way to select the right fire blanket for welding is by knowing the maximum welding spark temperature, the distance of welding sparks from the fire blanket & the budget for your welding spark protection application. Below we have summarized the various use case scenarios and the right welding blanket to be used for the same. Also some useful tips on best way to extend the life of your welding blanket has been mentioned.

Light Duty Welding

Medium Duty Welding

Heavy Duty Welding

Max Welding Sparks upto 750°C

Max Welding Sparks upto 1000°C

Max Welding Sparks upto 1600°C

Suitable for Vertical Fire Curtains with light welding spark intensity for distances greater than 3 feet

Suitable for Horizontal Fire Curtains with medium welding spark intensity for distances between 1 to 3 feet

Suitable for Horizontal & Vertical Fire Curtains with heavy welding spark intensity for very close proximity welding sparks less than 1 feet


1 mm Double Sided Silicone Coated Fibreglass


3 mm Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fire Blanket


1.2-1.4 mm Vermiculite Coated High Silica Fire Blanket

Cost Rating: ₹₹

Cost Rating: ₹

Cost Rating: ₹₹₹₹


IS 11871


IS 11871 & ISO 6940


IS 11871 & ISO 6940

BS EN 45545

FM 4950


Select the correct fire blanket for your welding spark protection by evaluating the welding spark temperature, intensity, certifications required and budget.

Keep the fire blanket slightly above ground if used horizontally or hang it slightly above the equipment being protected so that heat can dissipate in the air once the welding molten metal slag falls on the welding blanket.

If possible do not keep welding blanket completely horizontal. Try and keep it at an angle of 15-30 degrees so that the molten metal on falling on the blanket cools off and falls off rather than forming big lumps on cloth which causes tears.

Keep a backup fire blanket below the welding blanket being used for fail-safety

Let the welding blanket cool after exposure to molten metal sparks

Keep changing position of fire blanket so that same location on the welding blanket does not get exposed to sparks continuously

Change the fire blanket once holes or excessive lumps as shown in the below images are formed.

Custom sized & Custom designed fire blankets for welding spark protection can be manufactured by us. For any queries kindly get in touch with us on Sales@RNG.Asia


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