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Case Study: PreWelding Insulation Pad for 1000°C

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

An Export client wanted us to design a thick insulation pad for a pre welding job to withstand 1000°C and provide sufficient insulation to the heated part.

Pre-Welding work involves heating the materials to a certain high temperature and then bringing the two materials to be welded together. It is important to insulate the heated parts in order to maintain the welding temperature and hence high temperature insulation pads are necessary

Solution: We designed a 3 layered Insulation pad with 2 layers of 1.4 mm Vermiculite Coated High Silica Fabric sandwiching a 128 kg/m3 Ceramic Insulation of 12.5 mm thickness. The High Silica fabric can withstand 1000°C and the Ceramic Insulation can withstand 1260°C. Together the 15 mm Thermal Insulation Assembly provides sufficient temperature resistance and heat insulation for the pre welding assembly to be welded together properly. The size of the blanket was 3 metre by 0.3 metre and weighed around4 kg per blanket.

For welding work, the assembly would need to insulate better and hence a 25 mm Ceramic Insulation pad would be made for the Welding Insulation Pads.

As such we can provide similar customized solutions for the welding industry using a combination of our technical expertise, experience and our high performance temperature resistant textile fabrics. For enquires let us know at Sales@RNG.Asia


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