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How much heat can a fire blanket withstand?

Fire blankets are high temperature fabrics made from either fiberglass fabrics or high silica fabrics or ceramic fabric having a temperature resistance between 550 °C to 1600 °C .

Fiberglass fabrics can withstand continuously upto 550 °C but can work for welding sparks upto 1100 °C since that is the maximum temperature fiberglass can withstand at which it melts.

High Silica fabrics can withstand continuously upto 1000 °C but can work for welding sparks upto 1600 °C .

Vermiculite Coated Ceramic fabrics can withstand upto 1260 °C .

Hence all three fabrics are ideal for fire blankets for welding and the selection depends upon:

A. Budget regards to Price where Fiberglass is most economical

B. Distance from the welding source where Vermiculite Ceramic has the best results for the closest welding sparks

C. Flexibility and Strength where High Silica fabric has the best results and longest life between the three

All Fire blankets are stitched along the edges with high temperature Kevlar thread and has eyelets provided to hang the blanket if needed.


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