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How is a Fire Blanket Fabric Tested for Fire Resistance?

Fire blanket is a fabric which can withstand flames, control the fire propagation and also have resistance to welding sparks. Fire blankets are made with either Fibreglass Fabric, Coated Fibreglass Fabric, High Silica Fabric or Vermiculite Coated Ceramic Fabric. They are made in custom sizes and stitched with high temperature resistant thread.

For understanding the effectiveness of a fire blanket it is tested in 3rd party labs for fire resistance and heat resistance using various standards such as IS 11871, ISO 15025, EN ISO 11612, FM 4950 Welding tests and BS EN 45545.

A customer of ours wanted to use our fire blanket as a fire barrier to separate a high risk fire area from the rest and hence we developed a fire curtain for their application. To ensure fire resistance the newly developed FR Coated Fibreglass was tested and certified to IS 11871 & ISO 6941 fire tests as per video below.

As can be seen in above fire test video a flame is applied to the fire curtain material. The material passes the fire test standards as the flame self extinguishes itself, the material does not flame or any molten debris are observed, there is no after flame or after glow and the char length is within acceptable test standard.

RNG Performance Materials works closely with its customers in developing and testing our fire resistant fabrics which can be used for fire blankets, fire curtains, welding blankets, fire proof covers, EV fire protection, Molten metal splash protection and many thermal and fire resistant applications.


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