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How a Fire Blanket can save your life?

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Fire blankets made with fiberglass fabric are a handy easy to use fire safety accessory every home should have. Fire blankets are highly cost effective and price of a fire blanket starts from a mere Rs.600 per blanket.

Fire blankets are largely used to put off kitchen fires or small fires in office or chemical industries and labs. The advantage of fire blankets are that they are light weight, easy to use, do not damage other properties during use and have quick fire extinguishing action.

In case of a fire, remove the fire blanket from the pouch, hold it using the two straps provided, and place the fire blanket over the flames ensuring your hands do not come in contact with the flames. Fire blankets can similarly be used to put off a fire on a person by wrapping the blanket around the person.

When the blanket comes in contact with the fire,it starts to cut off the oxygen and soon the fire is brought under control and put off. Dispose the blanket after use.

These blankets are much easier to use as compared to a fire extinguisher and should be one of the fire safety items in every home.


(For a Substance in Flames)

  1. Pull tape down until blanket is released

  2. Open blanket fully and gently place over flames

  3. Turn off power supply. Leave blanket over the fire

(For a Person in Flames)

  1. Pull tape down until blanket is released

  2. Open blanket fully and wrap around person to seal from air

  3. Seek medical assistance


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