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Aluminized Coats for Protection in Metal Smelting Industry

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Below is a case study of RNG Performance Material's supply of Aluminized Coat used to protect workers from the radiant heat and fire hazards involved in melting of metal at very high temperatures.

The Aluminized Fiberglass outer shell of these Aluminized PPE reflect upto 90% of the radiant heat involved in the smelting process even at radiant temperatures as high as 1600 degree Celsius, allowing workers to remain close to the smelters for periodic inspection and checks.

The outer layer of Aluminized Fiberglass is ISO 11612 certified to Fire protection and hence in an event of a fire mishap gives the workers precious time to escape major burns.

The pictures below show a metal factory in Maharashtra, India melting heavy loads of scrap metal in their smelter pit with workers closely inspecting the process.

The images above are from a metal melting plant with inspectors, managers and workers wearing a 2 layered Aluminized Coat with outer layer of ISO 11612 certified Aluminized Fiberglass and inner layer of ISO 11612 certfied Fire Retardant Cotton for comfort. The Aluminized Coat is 48" long giving protection from neck to below knee with 16" slits at the sides for allowing comfortable movement for the wearer.

To know more or to place an order kindly email Sales@RNG.Asia.


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