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Aluminized Kevlar Fire Proximity Suits

Aluminized Kevlar also called as Aluminized Para-Aramid offers outstanding radiant heat resistance upto 1650°C, fire and molten metal splash resistance and most importantly cut resistance along with wear and tear resistance hence offering longer life for the fire proximity suit.

It is available in five variants as mentioned below. All five variants will have identical radiant heat, fire and molten metal resistance as the outer layer remains the same. The differences would be the weight of the suit and the thermal insulation and hence the time that one can spend within a fire or close to a heat source. The suitability of product depends on user trials.

Fire Proximity Suit fabric layers
Fire Proximity Suit Layers
Aluminized Kevlar Para Aramid fabric for fire proximity suit
Aluminized Para Aramid (Kevlar) Fabric

The Aluminized Para Aramid Suit consists of Hood with Certified Helmet and 2 mm thick protective visor, Jacket with BA Pouch, Pant, Gloves with additional Kevlar protection on the palms and Overboots supplied in a metal tin/box.

The outer layer of the Aluminized Para Aramid Fire Suit is certified to EN ISO 11612, ISO 15025 and IS 11871 standards as per the below certifications.

AL-PAR-460 3rd party test report
Download PDF • 185KB
IS11871 & ISO 15025 for AL-PAR-460 (Alum
Download • 1.40MB

The suit can be supplied with special EN 166/EN 171 certified gold visor on request subject to MOQ.

EN 166 certified Gold Visor
Gold Visor for Aluminized Hood

Contact Sales@RNG.Asia for further queries and questions regarding fire proximity suits.


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