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Case Study: Aluminized Apron with Anti Static for an Explosion Factory

Updated: May 16, 2022

Requirement: The explosion manufacturing factory needed basic protection against fire along with cut resistance and anti static properties.

Solution: We provided them with a light weight Aluminized Para-Aramid (Kevlar) apron without sleeves with an Anti Static Modacrylic/Cotton/Aramid/Anti Static inner layer.

The Aluminized Para-Aramid provides radiant heat protection, fire protection, molten metal splash protection as well as cut protection and the para-aramid fabric has inherent anti static properties. This fabric is certified to EN ISO 11612, IS 11871, ISO 15025 and EN 388/EN 407.

The Fire retardant inner layer is a fabric composed of Modacrylic, Cellulose, Aramid and Anti Static yarn giving outstanding flame resistance, cut resistance and Electric arc resistance of HRC-2 ATPV 8.6 Cal/cm3 and EN 1149-5 Anti static certified to 3.8 X 10^9. This fabric is also EN ISO 11612 certified.

Summary: The customer gets 4 in 1 protection using our light weight apron which includes fire protection, radiant heat protection, cut protection and static charge protection.

If you have any technical queries or need customized Fire PPE solutions get in touch with us at Sales@RNG.Asia


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