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How does an Aluminized Safety Apparel Protects you?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

If you are working near hot metal or hot rubber or any hot chemical, there is a constant danger of hot splash, fire and extreme radiant heat. It is in such cases that you need an Aluminized based Safety PPE such as an Aluminized Apron, Aluminized back open Coat, Aluminized Long Coat or Full Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit.

The Aluminized Safety Apparel is made with an outer layer of Aluminized Fabric which can either be Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar.

This outer layer gives you the necessary protection. The Aluminized fabric has the ability of reflecting radiant heat upto 1650 °C. This protects the person wearing the safety apparel from heat stress and heat fatigue.

Furthermore the Aluminized Fabric is extremely fire retardant thereby it does not catch fire if there is a molten metal or hot splash. The fabrics has a direct contact heat resistance upto 550°C for Aluminized Fiberglass and 400°C for Aluminized Kevlar.

Lastly the most important protection that the Aluminized PPE provides is molten or hot metal splash. In case a hot metal splash occurs the molten metal falls onto the Aluminized fabric and slips off thereby protecting the wearer from 3rd degree burns.

The Safety garment also comes with layers of wool or FR Cotton which give additional thermal insulation to the wearer.

Whether to select an Aluminized Apron or Aluminized Back open coat or a Full Aluminized suit depends on the intensity of the heat, the likelihood of a fire and the amount of molten metal splash along with the time spent near the heat source.

Aluminized Kevlar provides higher radiant heat protection than Aluminized Fiberglass along with greater fire resistance and outstanding cut protection but would be approximately 4 times the cost of an Aluminized Fiberglass Safety Garment.

All these products are Asbestos free and do not emit any harmful gases.

For further information about these products kindly email Sales@RNG.Asia.


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