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Based in Gujarat, India, RNG Performance Materials is a manufacturer of top quality High Temperature Fabrics, Fire Safety PPE and Fire Blankets. Our products include Fiberglass Fabrics, Aluminized Fiberglass, High Silica Fabrics, Silicone Coated Fiberglass, Welding Blankets, Fire Blankets, Ceramic Fire Blankets, Fire Proof Covers, Fire Curtains, Fire Proximity Suits, Molten Metal Splash PPE and High Temperature Insulation.

Why us?

If you are looking for a fire blanket for welding or customized fire and heat insulation jackets, or looking for fiberglass fabrics or fire curtains and fire proof covers in India, we have it all. We provide a varied range of fire resistant solutions for your needs.


Renowned in the Industry

With over 15 years in the industry, RNG Performance Materials is a known name for those who need a fire blanket or a fire proximity suit or fire protection solutions in India.


Experts in the Sector

With a high technical-textile background we work with clients to provide optimum EN and ISO certified fire safety PPE, thermal insulation and high temperature fabrics.


Researching and Evolving

Everything we manufacture is a result of extensive research blended with industry knowledge and consumer requirement. We aim to create the best of what you want today and plan for what you may need tomorrow.

Our Products

Upholding industry standards, incorporating the latest innovations and meeting with our consumers’ requirements, our wide range of personal protective equipment is manufactured to cater to particular needs that arise in high-risk industrial environments.


Our high temperature fiberglass fabrics are used to create fire safety and molten metal safety PPE which include:



These products provide thermal insulation and fire safety solution for high temperatures, fire, radiant heat, welding spark and molten metal splash protection.


Fire Testing of Fire Blankets

Fire Testing of Fire Blankets
Fire Testing of Fire Blankets
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Fire Testing of Fire Blankets

4 layered Aluminized Fibreglass Fire Proximity Suit Testing
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4 layered Aluminized Fibreglass Fire Proximity Suit Testing

2 Hour Fire Test for Silicone Coated Fibreglass
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2 Hour Fire Test for Silicone Coated Fibreglass


Distribution Network

We have a wide distribution network in India and abroad for fire resistant clothing and high temperature fabrics, which enhances our reach to our clients comprehensively.


We supply our high temperature fabrics, fire blankets, fire suits & thermal insulation assemblies across various industrial towns in India which include, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Vapi, Tarapur, Boisar, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamshedpur, Pune, Nashik, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Kolkata, Bhopal and many more across states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka.

We have also provided end-to-end high temperature and fire safety PPE solutions along with great shipping support for our export clients across UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, South Africa, Norway, Portugal, England, France & Germany. 

Case Studies & Product Guide

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