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High Temperature Gloves

Updated: May 22, 2019

Protecting workers against dangers of heat and fire is essential for various industries across the world, which makes the correct selection of high temperature gloves vital. The user has to decide what they are looking for whether direct contact heat or radiant heat or fire protection or cut protection and accordingly the below mentioned gloves are useful. These gloves are used in various industries such as oil & gas, steel & metal, foundries, rubber, chemical, power plants, automobile and many more.

Leather Gloves with Kevlar palm for 250°C. Kevlar palm is EN 388 certified.

Leather Safety gloves with cut protection kevlar palm
Leather Gloves with Kevlar palm

Full Kevlar Gloves for 400°C . Kevlar fabric is EN 388 & EN 407 certified.

Kevlar gloves for high temperature safety and cut protection
Woven Kevlar Gloves

Aluminized Gloves for radiant heat protection upto 1650°C . Aluminized Fabric is certified to ISO 11612.

Aluminized Gloves for foundries, steel & metal industries for working near a furnace
Aluminized Gloves

Aluminized Gloves with Kevlar palm for radiant heat and direct heat protection along with cut protection. ISO 11612 certified Aluminized fabric and EN 388 certified Kevlar fabric.

Aluminized high temperature cut protection kevlar gloves
Aluminized Gloves with Kevlar palm


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