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7 mil 7628 Style Fiberglass

RNG Performance Materials manufactures 7 mil 7628 style 205 gsm Plain weave Fiberglass Fabric as per the specification below

Thickness (mm) 0.17

Weight (g/m2) 200-210

Weave Plain

Yarn E-Glass EC9-68 tex

Warp (Yarns/cm) 17

Weft (Yarns/cm) 11.8

Tensile Strength

Warp (N/cm) >438

Weft (N/cm) >350

Temperature Resistance: 550-600°C

Width : 1040 to 1270 mm (Upto 1800 mm possible)

Weaving looms for Fiberglass
Fiberglass Weaving

7 mil Fiberglass Fabric of 200 gsm in 7628 Style
7 mil 7628 Style Fiberglass Fabric

7628 Style Fiberglass fabric can also be provided with epoxy compatible finish.

We also manufacture 7628 Style in Black and Black Coated with PE finish of 30 microns


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