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Aluminized Fire Proximity Suit - 3 layered

3 layered Aluminized Fire suits are widely used in foundries, near furnaces, steel & metal industry, chemical plants, fire safety applications & industrial applications where there are dangers of fire, radiant heat & molten metal splash giving radiant heat resistance upto 1650 ° C.

3 Layered Aluminized Fire Suit has an outer layer of Premium quality Aluminized Fibreglass, middle layer of Woolen Thermal Barrier & Inner Liner of Fire Retardant (FR) Cotton.

The outer Aluminized Fibreglass reflects 95% of radiant heat and offers flame resistance, Woolen Thermal Barrier improves the thermal resistance of the suit & the FR Cotton provides comfort to the wearer.

This Aluminized Fire Suit consist of:

•Aluminized Hood with Helmet &Polycarbonate Tinted Lens with Mesh Protection

•Aluminized Coat + Pant or 1 Piece Aluminized Coverall as per requirement

•Aluminized 5 fingered Gloves

•Aluminized Boots with Nitrile Soles

*Optional: Breathing Apparatus Pouch on Coat or Coverall

Weight: 6-7 kgs

Size: M to XL

Packaging: Waterproof Nylon Carry Bag


Aluminized Fibreglass certified to ISO11612 (A1, B1, C3)

FR Cotton certified to ISO11612 (A1,B1,C1)

Helmet is ISI or EN397 certified


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