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Aluminized Fire Entry Suit - 4 layered

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Light Weight Fire Entry suit made with ISO 11612 certified Aluminized Fiberglass in compliance with EN 1486, along with layers of vapour barrier, woolen thermal barrier & FR cotton lining making it suitable for for short term fire entry, fire proximity & molten metal or chemical splash protection.

The outer Aluminized Fibreglass reflects 95% of radiant heat and offers flame resistance, Woolen Thermal Barrier improves the thermal resistance of the suit & the FR Cotton provides comfort to the wearer. The additional layer of Vapour Barrier does not allow hot liquid or gases to penetrate through the suit.

This Aluminized Fire Suit consist of:

•Aluminized Hood with Helmet & CertifiedGold Lens

•Aluminized Coat with (Breathing Apparatus) BA pouch+ Pant

•Aluminized 5 fingered Gloves

•Aluminized Boots with Nitrile Soles

Weight: 9 kgs

Size: M to XL

Packaging: Waterproof Nylon Carry Bag


Aluminized Fibreglass certified to ISO11612 (A1, B1, C3)

FR Cotton certified to ISO11612 (A1,B1,C1)

Helmet is ISI or EN397 certified

Gold Lens is Certified to EN 166 & EN 171


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