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Aluminized Fiberglass Apron

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

For workers and managers, facing the radiant heat and the dangers of molten metal splash from a furnace or in a foundry is a daily experience and hence the most basic protection can be provided by an Aluminized Fiberglass Apron.

With an outer layer of EN ISO 11612 certified Aluminized Fiberglass and an inner liner of Fire retardant Cotton, the apron prevents direct contact of molten metal to the clothes of the worker. Also the outer aluminized layer reflects the radiant heat emitting from the furnace and also prevents fire in case of a splash.

The apron provided neck to knee protection and along with Aluminized gloves can provide a worker with front body protection upto 1650C radiant heat, flame protection and molten metal splash protection.

Aluminized fiberglass apron comes in two sizes of 36" long and 48" long.


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