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Aluminized Back Open Apron with Sleeves

Various industries such as foundries, metal & steel, rubber melting, high temperature chemical processing, oil & gas and welding works require the people exposed to heat to be protected by high temperature resistant PPE. One of the high temperature fire resistant PPE is an Aluminized apron with sleeves.

Aluminized apron with sleeves provides full front body protection against radiant heat upto 1650 degree Celsius, fire resistance and molten metal or molten rubber splash protection.

An Aluminized apron with sleeves also called as Aluminized Back Open coat is generally made with an outer layer of Aluminized Fiberglass or Aluminized Kevlar with an inner liner of Fire retardant Cotton.

The aluminized fabric and fire retardant cotton used in this heat resistant apron are certified to EN ISO 11612.

The Aluminized apron with sleeves can be made in 36" or 48" long with either velcro at the back to tighten or fabric straps to tie and tighten.

Aluminized apron with sleeves can be provided with additional pockets as per customer requests.


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